SIG 320 RXP a Handgun for All Ages

Is SIG 320 RXP a handgun for all ages? With time passing not all shooters maintain the same accuracy and shooting abilities they had. This mainly drives them to change from conventional iron sights to a more precise and helpful sight variant like red-dot sights.

The SIG 320 RPX

In the middle of 2016 SIG launched a brand new variant of the M320 series of handguns that were fitted with a red-dot reflex sight as a standard mounted on the slide. Taking into consideration that most of the shooters didn’t use electronic handgun sights before by the time they needed to fit on they had to go to a gunsmith to adapt their slide so they could fit a mounting plate. But as time passes by there were some gun companies that started introducing models with pre-milled slides allowing the shooter to install a standard sight plate. All these sights were relatively expensive. If you were planning on having one installed you better choose a gun with an equal value to it. Sig dropped a handgun that featured an electronic sight installed from the factory at prices starting around 1,000$ which is a wonderful deal.

Using a red-dot sight over a conventional iron sight gives the shooter many advantages starting with the fact that all you need to do to shoot the target is aligning the red dot on the desired point of impact and pull the trigger. If you miss you can correct it by making the necessary adjustments as you can easily keep track of the previous shoots. Even a small error while aiming down to the iron sights can result in you hitting the shoots far from the target but the red-dot sight simplifies a lot of the process you have to go through by aiming down the sight and hitting your target. Next, comes the low light situations where aiming down an iron sight might become even more difficult but having a bright red dot pointing at the target makes the job a lot easier. Taking the statistics the most self-defence shooting happen at night time or in darkened situations with low visibility. The reflex sights are optimal in this situation as they don’t project their dot on the target but the shooter can still easily see the light spot even in the dark.


The RX version comes in with 2 choices 9mm or 40 S&W, the easiest to get your hands on is the 9mm version of the RX 320. Considering the fact that the 320RXP on its standard size is a relatively large handgun this makes it best suited for belt carry instead of concealment. With a weight of 30 ounces unloaded it may be considered a light gun but adding the 17 round magazine (115-grain HP) to the equation adds an additional 10 ounces to its weight. This model is a full polymer frame gun. It a standard size magazine all in all. The slide is stainless steel with a Nitron finish and a carbon steel barrel standing at 4.7 inches. Also, there is the possibility to get a model with a rail mount under the frame so that additional accessories can be fitted to the gun.

Reliability of SIG 320 RXP

The most common statement on gun reviews is that you need a certain amount of ammo to see how much really a gun is reliable. The Sig 320 RXP can go through several hundreds of round standard and +P ammo in the range of 9mm without having a single malfunction. The only kind of ammo you need to be careful using on the standard 320RXP are the NATO Spec 9mm which is a hotter round than normal civilian 9mm round and the pack a higher pressure than normal 9mm. Given the fact that the 320 was just adopted by the US military using this kind of ammo, it is not such a problem, but it might cause issues over long-time usage.


The Sig 320 RXP is a real accurate gun and extremely reliable. It can fit into different applications. If you are looking to use it to go out and hunt, you can easily do so because of the accuracy. However, keep in mind the fact that the 9mm it’s not to be considered the best calibre suited for this kind of activity. This gun excels in defensive use with the 17 round capacity and the accuracy that it has. It can easily take care of any combat situation or self-defence situation. Having a 17 round magazine, considering the fact that the main use of this type of handgun is the close-range firefight, might seem a little excessive but packing a couple of extra rounds can always help the situation and change the outcome of the conflict. The red-dot sights are fully adjustable. They come with five brightness settings which can be a very useful feature considering that some people (depending on the eyesight condition) feel more comfortable with the upper levels.

sig 320

SIG 320 RXP Specs

The red-dot sight featured in the Sig 320 RPX is the Romeo sight. The sight comes with a motion sensor. It turns the sight off while you are not using it by reducing unnecessary battery consumption. When it comes to the battery life of the sight, pros always recommend packing an extra set of batteries for every occasion. But you can eventually remove the red-dot sight so you can use the 320RXP with the old fashion iron sights. The 9 mm version specs are the most common and the best preferred.

Sig 320 RXP 9mm Specs:

  • Calibre: 9mm
  • Barrel: 4.7 inches
  • Overall length: 8 inches
  • Grip: Modular polymer
  • Action type: Striker fired
  • Capacity: 17+1
  • Finish: Nitron
  • Price: 1,040$

Here are some of the performance details on different 9mm ammo:

Load                                                          Velocity     Accuracy

  • Cor-Bon 115 JHP +P                                    1,278           0.60
  • DoubleTap 115 Nosler JHP +P                  1,354           1.20
  • Black Hills                                                     1,147           1.10
  • Grizzly Cartridge 124 JHP +P                   1,198           0.80
  • Federal 147 HST +p                                     1,039           0.90
  • SIG V-CROWN 124 JHP                               1,152           1.00
  • SIG V-CROWN 115 JHP                               1,152           1.50
  • SIG V-CROWN 147 JHP                               947          1.60
  • Winchester DPX1 147 Bonded JHP          963           1.00
  • Speer Gold Dot 124 JHP +P                        1,227          1.40

The bullet weight shown is measured in grains, the velocity in fps and the accuracy in inches for 5 shots groups shot at 50 feet distance.


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