When is the right time to purchase a gun?

Considering to purchase a gun? Here are some questions you need to answer first.

Am I ready to own a gun?

If you are just getting into guns and you plan on buying one, some responsibilities come right your way. Buying a gun is a real deal. You might want to discuss it with your family and friends before making such a decision, especially nowadays. However, the decision always stands in your own hands. The real question is ‘’ How ready are you to own a gun?’’.  There are some things that you have to know before making such a decision.

How to be a responsible gun owner?

We all know that the Constitution allows us to own a gun. But with that possibility, there are some responsibilities not only towards yourself but also to the people near you. The first and the most important thing of all is the responsible use of your firearm.  You have to be in full control of your gun making sure that it is not used for harming people if not strictly necessary or illegal activities.  As the owner of the gun, you have to make sure the gun is properly secured and always out of the reach of other people especially kids or irresponsible adults. It’s better for you to consider these possibilities and risks before you own a gun. Never overestimate your abilities and knowledge over the gun world and your duty that comes as the owner of the gun. If you are open-minded and ready to accept this advice you will always be in control and sure that you and your gun aren’t a threat to the people near you and the community.  But if you are not able to fulfill these basic requirements it is sad to say but the gun is better used if it stays on the store shelf than in your possession.

How to decide?

Well, sad to say, but that is not the easiest part especially when you start to understand what you are going against. The better way to help yourself is by asking some questions that will help you determine the situation you currently are in and the possibilities you have to provide safe concealment for your gun.  That will help you determine if it is the right time for you to get a gun or not.

For what reason, do I want to own a gun?

This is the first question you need to find an answer to and surely it is the most important question you should ask yourself by far.  In the first place, you need to determine the needs you have to own a firearm. Is it for hunting purposes?  Is it for fun and you’re only going to use it down range for target practice? Is it for self-defence or are you feeling threatened? First and most important thing to answer these questions are, to be honest to yourself on the ‘’Why?’’ you want this gun in the first place. Affronting this matter with sincerity will not only help you in deciding if you want to buy a gun or not.  It will help you set the terms you need to be a responsible gun owner and give you the motivation to do the right thing always when it comes to safety measures you need to take.  Don’t be the kind of ‘’Adult kid’’ that only gets a gun just to show off or to be tough. Those are not valid reasons to buy a gun. There is a high probability you will only end up hurting someone or yourself. There is another type of gun buyer who buys a gun just to become part of some people (gun clubs). That is a risky decision too If you don’t have the proper preparation. Remember that most of the people that are part of gun clubs are very skilled at using a gun and trained to be responsible gun owners. If you do something wrong and they determine you and your gun as threats there is a high probability of you getting injured or even worst as a target and ending up dead. So becoming a gun owner just to hang out with these people without the proper training and gun culture is the worst idea you can have and the fastest way you can hurt yourself.

Am I ready to take the responsibilities of owning a gun? 

First of all, never take owning a gun lightly if you don’t ask yourself later ‘’How did I end up in this mess?’’.  So you seriously need to consider a simple question before making a major mistake ‘’ Am I ready to take responsibility for owning a gun?’’.  Be open-minded to all the risks and possibilities before making a decision.

  • Will you be able to properly and safely store the gun in your absence and when you are not using it?
  • Are you able to use it properly and in a responsible manner?
  • Are you able to maintain the needed discipline with your gun?

If there are any doubts in your mind about accepting these basic responsibilities then you better reconsider your decision on purchasing a firearm for your safety.

Am I able to properly store this gun?

The question is tied to the responsibility you are ready to accept for owning a gun.  There is a need for a fully detailed plan of how this gun will be stored. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a pistol or a single shot small calibre rifle, or an AR. Being able to properly secure this weapon will help you being a responsible owner.

  • Are you able to buy a gun safe?
  • Where is the safest position to allocate this safe?
  • Who would be the people that can access the safe?
  • What kind of security will the safe have?

These questions are something that each one of us should go through before buying a gun.

Am I able to receive the proper training needed before buying a gun?

There is nothing more dangerous than a gun owner that lacks the proper skill to manage his gun. A lot of gun owners lack the experience and the practice they need. There are people who own a gun but they have no idea of how to properly load, discharge and unload the gun they own. Well if you consider buying a gun for self-defence and you lack the basic training or you didn’t put any effort into learning the proper skills needed for owning a gun. Sorry to say but you are a walking danger for yourself and all the people near you.  Purchasing a gun for self-defence means you need to take time and practice with your gun down range so you can build the skills necessary to properly use your gun. If you don’t have any kind of knowledge on guns you need to take classes of basic training.  You can’t consider purchasing a gun as just a one-time expense. If you rely on a firearm, you have the proper skill to properly use this gun.  This means spending time shooting targets down range to build the much-needed trigger discipline and safety habits. Also, you will continuously spend money on ammo, gun maintenance and repairs. In Canada it is not allowed to conceal carry a gun with you but if that would be the case the expenses would include a quality holster and some money for new belts as well.  It might not be a big expense but a few hundred dollars of a range membership and ammo every month is an expense you need to take into consideration.

Gun laws

Before buying a gun, you might as well sit down and first start researching about the gun laws in your area then decide if you are comfortable owning a gun under this kind of restriction. It is not important the fact of how you feel about gun laws and the restrictions they pose as it is important the consequences you go against if you don’t follow them.  You need to be aware of the gun registering procedures also gun permits you need to own a firearm.  Be sure to get the right information before making a purchase. Some guns can be the object of certain restrictions as magazine size or in some cases, certain rifle models can be illegal to own or need a specific license. The matter becomes even more complicated if you are buying a gun for self-defence as you need to be fully informed on the restrictions and the gun laws in your area.


Owning a gun is a right that everyone should have, but the possibility is not given to everyone. Why is that so? Because there are always people that own a gun but they don’t respect the gun they own and they don’t respect the safety of themselves and the people near them.  It is OK to own a gun but always remember the reason why you bought this gun in the first place, dedicate the proper time to training and respect the law and be responsible.

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